Monday, September 10, 2012

We've moved!

Oh man! I knew moving was going to be hard and stressful but I had no idea how hard and stressful!! The company we used was so hard to work with and so hard to ever get any answers! We ended up a full month living in philly without any of our stuff!!! No furniture, extra clothes, beds, dishes, or pots or pans! We moved out here a little early so we could get settled before school started but school started before our stuff ever came! This was quite an adventure and we are grateful for our kind neighbors who fed us and tried to help in any way they could. Our first day in Philly our sweet friend invited us over for a bbq. It was nice to meet a neighbor or two. Tess fit right in. She makes instant friends and this was no exception. By the end of the night Tess was giving all of her new friends’ hugs. She is so sweet.

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  1. Oh no! That sucks that happened to you guys! I hope you're all settled in now.
    Ps. I'm so glad we an stay caught up by each others blogs!