Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Well, we survived our first hurricane! I never thought I would say I was in a hurricane but how predictable is life anyway? Luckily state and county officials kept us up to date and we were able to prepare ahead of time the provisions we would need to ride out the storm. Russ and I didn’t take it too seriously until last minute…hmm reminds me of the parable of the Ten Virgins. Luckily we got water, three loaves of bread, milk, and a few other few items several days before the storm. Saturday afternoon we decided we better get some extra batteries for our flashlights. We went to target and they were wiped out!! It was funny because there were batteries on the end of most isles but the D batteries were all gone! The bread isle contained three loaves of dry white bread. Once again I am reminded to be prepared. I guess the 72 hr kits I have wanted to put together since last December would have been a good idea. A mile and a half away people had to evacuate due to flooding dangers. There was a mandate to stay off the roads, fining people who didn’t listen. The wind blew hard and lots of rain, but luckily all the prayers sent our way helped. Most of Philadelphia’s power was out but we only had a few flickers to our lights. As many of you have seen, New York and New Jersey were hit extremely hard. Its amazing that it hit right between Angie and I. Both of us are counting our blessings. Here is a picture of my friend’s apartment just down the road. Many students/ward members live here. Trees fell down all over their complex.

Monday, September 10, 2012

We've moved!

Oh man! I knew moving was going to be hard and stressful but I had no idea how hard and stressful!! The company we used was so hard to work with and so hard to ever get any answers! We ended up a full month living in philly without any of our stuff!!! No furniture, extra clothes, beds, dishes, or pots or pans! We moved out here a little early so we could get settled before school started but school started before our stuff ever came! This was quite an adventure and we are grateful for our kind neighbors who fed us and tried to help in any way they could. Our first day in Philly our sweet friend invited us over for a bbq. It was nice to meet a neighbor or two. Tess fit right in. She makes instant friends and this was no exception. By the end of the night Tess was giving all of her new friends’ hugs. She is so sweet.


Here is Tessie and some of her best friends the night we flew into Philadelphia!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy birthday daddy

For Daddys birthday we went to our favorite place to eat...PIZZA FACTORY! We shared a pizza and daddy got a special birthday ice cream. We love birthdays!

more party!!

The best part of the party was when we sang happy birthday to tess! The room was full of ppl who loves Tess. Tess was so cute. She knew everyone was singing to her and she loved it! She just grinned and flapped her arms looking at all the fun ppl who came to visit! oh it was so cute!


I can not believe tessie is ONE!!! She is growing up way too fast! we had a birthday party at grandma esplins with family. Tessie had a puppy party since champ is her best friend. We love Tessie so so much!

Cousin party!

We love when the bailey's come to visit! We have so much fun when they come. Here we all are at sand hollow. :)

Special Gift from Grandma Great Esplin

Grandma has always been known for her beautiful christmas tree. Ever since i was little I always loved one of her decorations which was a precious moment girl reading her scriptures in a bubble bath. Doesnt that sound so relaxing :) Well, grandma knows how much I have loved it and she gave it to Tessie as a gift. It is so so special to both of us. Here is a picture of her with her first christmas decoration. Thanks so much grandma!


wow---I am so far behind! Christmas was such a joy! Christmas is so much more fun when you have kids! Tessie got a dolly and a stuffed puppy! She loves them both! She knew exactly what to do! she pats her baby, tries to put her binki in the babies mouth, and grabs her hands and teaches her patty cakes. Its so amazing the natural instinct in such a small little girl to be a nurturer. she is so precious. Tess loves her doggy. she loves to hug him and squeeze him. The only problem now is that tess tries to point to champs eyes like she does her stuffed puppy. Champ is pretty tolerable.