Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy birthday daddy

For Daddys birthday we went to our favorite place to eat...PIZZA FACTORY! We shared a pizza and daddy got a special birthday ice cream. We love birthdays!

more party!!

The best part of the party was when we sang happy birthday to tess! The room was full of ppl who loves Tess. Tess was so cute. She knew everyone was singing to her and she loved it! She just grinned and flapped her arms looking at all the fun ppl who came to visit! oh it was so cute!


I can not believe tessie is ONE!!! She is growing up way too fast! we had a birthday party at grandma esplins with family. Tessie had a puppy party since champ is her best friend. We love Tessie so so much!

Cousin party!

We love when the bailey's come to visit! We have so much fun when they come. Here we all are at sand hollow. :)

Special Gift from Grandma Great Esplin

Grandma has always been known for her beautiful christmas tree. Ever since i was little I always loved one of her decorations which was a precious moment girl reading her scriptures in a bubble bath. Doesnt that sound so relaxing :) Well, grandma knows how much I have loved it and she gave it to Tessie as a gift. It is so so special to both of us. Here is a picture of her with her first christmas decoration. Thanks so much grandma!


wow---I am so far behind! Christmas was such a joy! Christmas is so much more fun when you have kids! Tessie got a dolly and a stuffed puppy! She loves them both! She knew exactly what to do! she pats her baby, tries to put her binki in the babies mouth, and grabs her hands and teaches her patty cakes. Its so amazing the natural instinct in such a small little girl to be a nurturer. she is so precious. Tess loves her doggy. she loves to hug him and squeeze him. The only problem now is that tess tries to point to champs eyes like she does her stuffed puppy. Champ is pretty tolerable.