Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Well, we survived our first hurricane! I never thought I would say I was in a hurricane but how predictable is life anyway? Luckily state and county officials kept us up to date and we were able to prepare ahead of time the provisions we would need to ride out the storm. Russ and I didn’t take it too seriously until last minute…hmm reminds me of the parable of the Ten Virgins. Luckily we got water, three loaves of bread, milk, and a few other few items several days before the storm. Saturday afternoon we decided we better get some extra batteries for our flashlights. We went to target and they were wiped out!! It was funny because there were batteries on the end of most isles but the D batteries were all gone! The bread isle contained three loaves of dry white bread. Once again I am reminded to be prepared. I guess the 72 hr kits I have wanted to put together since last December would have been a good idea. A mile and a half away people had to evacuate due to flooding dangers. There was a mandate to stay off the roads, fining people who didn’t listen. The wind blew hard and lots of rain, but luckily all the prayers sent our way helped. Most of Philadelphia’s power was out but we only had a few flickers to our lights. As many of you have seen, New York and New Jersey were hit extremely hard. Its amazing that it hit right between Angie and I. Both of us are counting our blessings. Here is a picture of my friend’s apartment just down the road. Many students/ward members live here. Trees fell down all over their complex.