Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lessons learned from children

Tess is my angel for so many reasons. But she is also my teacher. The other night her and Russ were playing in the bathroom while I was trying to get homework done. Russ sent me a picture of what was going on. It was a picture of Tessie's hands pressed against the mirror and her lips pressed against her image. Man. what a lesson to me. I try to think about her everyday and that image. If only we could love our own image in the mirror as much as Tess does. If only we could love our bodies so much that we wanted to kiss it and im sure in her sweet little mind she is saying. Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me this body.

Five Fingers

Oh I love watching Tess! Recently she discoverd her fingers. It is so fun to see her so amazed at her body. She looks at her hands, turns them front and back and then wiggles her fingers! You can just see the light on in her mind as she examines every moment and crevice of her hand!


Tess loves Solids! It was so funny, the other night I was feeding Tess squash. Of course being the crazy mommy that I am I made faces and noises each time I fed her. She would laugh and laugh and laugh. I know eating time is not play time nor is it usually very fun when a child spits food onto your face. BUT...she was laughing so hard it didnt matter i was wearing squash!

This is for the Baily Family

My darling niece and nephew have been wanting to see what baby Tessa looks like. So.. Im finally posting pictures! We miss the Bailey Family so so much! Cant wait to see you guys! Ben keep working hard in school and... GO! FIGHT! WIN!

A break in Life

Man.. Life has been so crazy and stressful lately. School is kicking my trash, Russ is crazy busy with school, work and interviewing to PA programs on the weekends and Tess and her constant ear infections, reflux and lack of sleep. I just finished a school project that took about ten hours which probably could have been done in about four but o well. ITS DONE!!! It is now Fall break and I think if the break didn't come soon I would have Fallen and broken.
Let me give you an example of my previous week. Monday I went in and had a scope of my entire insides. (endoscopy and colonoscopy) They found a few small things but nothing significant. Tuesday i had a major break down and an anxiety attack after going to school, the doctors, a therapy session, young womens, and yet another therapy session. Wednesday and thursday are blurs to me. I went to school, the doctors each day for either Tess or I or both and tried to keep my head above water. Friday was another biggie! Tess went in to get tubes in her ears since she has had four ear infections in four months and this was all during the SUMMER!!! She never responded to anti-biotics so I think she has just been a happy baby while in pain half her life.
So.. Russ and I handed off our baby to get tubes. Oh... man the emotions going along with not being there for Tess while she was in her procedure. Thats another story. Tessie comes out of surgery missing her adenoids! Yup. They decided to give her an IV, more anesthesia and take her adenoids out due to: reflux, snoring, the size of adenoids. Im not totally sure, I was too focused on Tessie who was screaming. Russ had to leave a little while after Tess came out of surgery so he could catch the shuttle and begin his 12 miserable hours of traveling to Philadelphia for yet another interview. Meanwhile, Tess and I stayed at the surgical center while she screamed, dry heaved, choked, screamed, lashed around, choked, refused to eat, and scream some more. This was all in five days!!! So once again im ready for fall break before I fall and break.